Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

Stellar Data Recovery provides an excellent and easy-to-use tool for PST repair.


I was very impressed by the look and feel as it has the same kind of theme as Outlook so it feels very homely for existing Outlook users.

Stellar PST Repair UI


The ease by which you move step by step till the end feels effortless.

PST File Selection

There is one option to select the file directly. If you don’t know the direct location, you can provide a “Look in” location, where the software would help you to find all the PST files inside the folder and its subfolders.

Check how it shows you all the available PST files when you click “Start”.

Searched PST File List

Now it’s just a matter of selecting the file to see the magic.

Scan Now with PST Repair

Hit “Scan Now” to start the repair process. The recovered emails appear in the centre. The tree structure with all the folders and emails appears on the left side, where you can easily navigate and review each one.

Recovered Mails by PST Repair

What are you waiting for? Let’s save all the recovered mail.

Guess what!!! You have many options/formats to save.

Save Recovered Mails

Finally, we got our repaired mail stored in the desired location with the desired format.

Files Saved


I would strongly recommend this product as it perfectly repairs your damaged mail and provides a different format to save that for future reference.


To download the software for free, click here.

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