Vuetify Clear Fields on Dialog Open

Vuetify Clear Fields on Dialog Open

A simple trick to clear the fields inside a Vuetify Dialog.


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In this blog, we will look into a simple technique to clear out fields when dialog or modal is opened in an application using Vue and Vuetify.


This is very common to open a dialog or modal from a page. Often is the case where we load data on the controls inside modal based on values passed from the parent page. That is where it also comes with a requirement to clear out fields whenever the modal is opened from the parent page. We will tackle this problem in this blog.

Let's understand the problem

First thing first, let's write the HTML for the popup and property to manage the show/hide of the modal.

<v-dialog v-model="showDialog" width="500">
        <v-card-title class="headline">A Form</v-card-title>
            <v-text-field label="First Name" v-model="firstName"></v-text-field>
            <v-text-field label="Last Name" v-model="lastName"></v-text-field>
            <v-text-field label="Email" v-model="email"></v-text-field>
            <v-select label="Profession" :items="professionItems" v-model="profession"></v-select>
            <v-btn color="green darken-1" text @click="showDialog = false">Close</v-btn>

Notice the code and keep reading the following points.

  1. The first thing we need to make sure is the dialog component accepting a boolean property named showDialog, that controls the visibility of the popup. That means if showDialog = true, then popup shows, else, it is hidden.
  2. I have added three text fields for First Name, Last Name, and Email. One select box is there for the Profession. All these fields have their respective model properties mentioned in the v-model directive.
  3. Then there is one button inside the popup to close it when clicked. Obviously, it is going to set false to the showDialog property as I said in point number 1.

The last important piece is to add a button to this codebase in order to open the popup. The following v-btn can do the task for us by doing showDialog = true on the click event.

<v-btn @click="showDialog = true">Open Modal</v-btn>

So, let's click on this button, that will bring up the popup, that looks something like this.


I have entered my details in the controls. Now, I will click on the button "Close", which will just close the dialog by setting false in showDialog property.

Now, if you open this modal again by clicking on the button "Open Modal", you will see all the values as entered by you. However, my requirement was to clear out all these fields and it would depend upon your situation and project. So, let's see how we can do that.


This problem can be easily solved if you just clear out all these fields, just before the popup is opened, isn't it? The popup show/hide is managed by the property showDialog. That means, when showDialog is set to true (for opening the popup), we have to clear out the fields.

Logic: showDialog = true -> Clear out the fields

Here comes a watcher. We need to watch the showDialog property. Inside the watcher, if the value is true, meaning if the user is trying to open the modal by clicking the "Open Modal" button, let's remove the field values. The watcher would look something like below.

watch: {
    showDialog: function(val) {
      if(val) {
        this.firstName = '';
        this.lastName = ''; = '';
        this.profession = '';

Notice how we are making all the properties blank so it would automatically reflect on the controls associated with them through v-model.

Full Source Code with Demo on CodePen


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