Microsoft ASP.NET MVP Award 2014

Microsoft ASP.NET MVP Award 2014

Recognizing Excellence in ASP.NET: My Journey as a Microsoft MVP Awardee (2014)


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Microsoft MVP 2014 Mail

Microsoft MVP 2014

[Update on 4th April]
My best birthday Gift was on 4th April from my CEO Mr. Chinmoy Panda. He narrates my story in his own words. Celebrating Awesomeness

Be awesome. Be Tadit.

[Blog Continues]
Thank God, I was not fooled on April 1. 😃

I am really happy to announce that I have been awarded as one of the “Most Valuable Professionals” in ASP.NET/IIS category. This is the very first time I am getting awarded by Microsoft for my Technical Community Activities.

What is Microsoft MVP?

Answer: Click here to know more.

The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award is our way of saying thank you to exceptional, independent community leaders who share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge of Microsoft products with others. It is part of Microsoft’s commitment to supporting and enriching technical communities. Even before the rises of the Internet and social media, people have come together to willingly offer their ideas and best practices in technical communities.

My Journey So Far…

My journey started on 11 July 2011, when I joined Mindfire Solutions. I was passionate for .NET Technologies during my Engineering days and fortunately I got a place in .NET Team after the training sessions.

I made many friends and some are indeed very special to me. They always encourage me for Community Activities and eventually, I come to know about Code Project Community. Code Project is an awesome place to write Articles, Tips and Question Answer Activities.

So, I went on answering the Questions first, then I gradually tried my hand at Articles and Tips. I got a very good response and votes from the viewers. The CodeProjectians always boost me for my work. I also started writing Blogs.

Whenever I get time, I always look at the groups on Facebook and try to answer their queries. Twitter helped me to promote my writings all over the world. Tweeting good Programming resources is something I do regularly. My Reputation Manager had enough faith in me to give me the Moderation work for Dynamics CRM Team Blog.

The Teams I have worked for in my company have taught me many useful tricks to tackle problems on the fly. My previous .NET team was amazing, disciplined and always believe in a fun-filled workplace. My current Dynamics CRM Team has a bunch of Geeks, who are hard-working and always deliver work on time. These champs taught me how to have patience in everything I do.

Then a special moment came !!! 1st January 2014, I got awarded a Code Project MVP, which strengthened my chances for Microsoft MVP Award. My happiness knew no bounds. Then I worked harder than before.

Finally, on April Fool’s Day (6:57 PM IST), I got the mail from Biplab that I have been awarded. I was speechless !!!

The most common question now is: How do you manage your time !!!

I am just crazy !!!

It makes you excited for the next question when somebody appreciates the solution, which you have just answered. Try sometime, you will feel better for sure. Read below to know how mad I am.

  • Sleepless nights (not always, if I had comments on my answers or if somebody is waiting for my reply).

  • Working on weekends.

  • Answering questions while sitting in the back seat of my friend’s bike.

  • Immensely waiting for the network on my iPad to come to my native place so that I can just answer one question.

  • Publish the code while working at the office and in between the publish operation, answer one question.

There are many other situations, which can’t be described here !!! 😃

I would like to dedicate this to my…

Grand Father (Ganeswar Tripathy). His love and blessings always take me step by step towards success. All is for you, I miss you. 😔

I would like to thank…

:: Biplab Paul (Community Program Manager, MVP Award Program – South Asia)- for his constant support and encouragement.
:: Siddharth Rout (Microsoft MVP) – This guy listened to all my stupid queries and answered them with patience. He is still busy doing the same for me.
:: Chris Maunder (Co-Founder, CodeProject) – for rebuilding the amazing forum from time to time.
:: My CEO Mr. Chinmoy Panda, who is my idol and source of inspiration for me.
:: All Code Project MVPs and Staff.
:: Everybody who appreciated my Articles, Tips, Answers and Blogs.
:: My parents, family, friends, colleagues and relatives.
:: All my Managers, Tech Leads and Reputation Managers – These guys always appreciate my recognition, which acts as a spur to contribute more.

What’s Next?

As simple as that !!! Continue what I am doing and learn from my senior MVPs and my MVP lead. Contribute to online/offline events. Add some more skills to my skill set.

The journey will continue… Bless me and wish me luck.
Thanks for reading, God bless you all !!!

Want to know more about me?

See my Brand New Microsoft MVP Profile here | Click here to know more About Me | Click here to Contact Me

Last, but not least…

Get your Autograph Books ready. 😃💪

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